This blog as been primarily created as a place for me to record and organize my scrapbooking thoughts and ideas. Hopefully, it will inspire other scrappers in their endevours! Have fun!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

And the Winners Are...

Hey Scrappers! Well, I know I said that I was going to draw the winners for my blog contest on January 31st but....I'm not the most patient person in the world. It's been a while since I've had any new followers anyways so here we go. What I did is gave everyone of my followers a number based on the order that you followed me. Now remember that my original followers were put in the drawing 5 times. So anyways....heres who won:
  1. heatherjonescmc
  2. Riechan
  3. julieswasson
  4. Scraples
Here's the deal...I need you guys to email me at flutterflies22@gmail.com with your information and I will let you pick which prize you would like me to send to you. These people have until next Saturday which is February 5th to get me their contact info or I will draw another winner in their place. To refresh your memory the prizes were a winter themed mini comp book, pink and white stripe mini comp book, a Christmas mini, and a recipe box. I do have pictures up on my previous blog posts in January. Once again I just want to thank all of my followers for checking out what I create from time to time and leaving such wonderful comments. CONGRATS and Happy Scrappin'! SB

Monday, January 17, 2011

January Journal Update

Well, we're about halfway through January and that means I should be halfway through my January Journal, right? Well I have to admit not exactly and at the same time pretty much...that makes sense right? Well, here's how I'm trying to stay up to date on my journal. I will confess I don't work on the actual book everyday. I try to take pictures everyday and at the end of the day I take those pictures in a folder on my computer that is label with each day in January. About every 4 or 5 days I got to Target and print off my pictures from the past few days. Some of the other things that I put into my journal are my blog posts and Faecebook statuses. If I go out to eat, go shopping, or anything like that I keep any receipts or menus to put in my book. So how far am I exactly? About day 6 or 7 as far as fully completed pages. I think the next time Doreen and I scrap together I will work on my journal to get a little more caught up. I think the key, for me, is to work on it when I have a chunk of work to do. I know it would probably be easier to stay caught up by working on it a little at a time but I just can't justifly in my mind only taking out a few things at a time and working on just a few pages at a time. When I craft I like to take out ALL of my supplies, weather I need them or not (lol!), and make a great big crafting mess! Just the way my creativity works I guess! Sometimes I'll see tips for quick scrapbooking and they'll say to only use 5 supplies and right away my brain thinks, WAIT WHAT? Maybe that's will have to be a challenge I have to work on....or better yet, a monthly blog challenge?! I swear I thought of that just now...lol!

One other thing before I go. Remember how I was so excited about Marion's kit club she was going to have? Well, cutting out most of the drama, the group still exsists on Facebook (click HERE to check it out) but it's not exclusive and she's still having the kits but this really isn't a club anymore. Now you might be thinking, why. Well I'll tell you why and if you can pick up on the passion and feeling behind my voice, good. Marion is one of the most sweetest people in the crafting industry and a few people decided to complain about the way SHE was running HER club and because she is so sweet, decided to change her vision to accommodate those few. THEN, someone had the audacity to make a YouTube video trashing her. Now I never got to see the video because this person took it down before I got a chance. I imagine it was because Marion's true followers came to her rescue and I only regret I hadn't seen it sooner and been given that chance. We all need to remember that there are things in this crafting community and in this world that we don't agree with and that's okay. What is not okay is to take those frustrations oppositions out in an unhealthy and down right mean way. I don't like that some of the cutest scrapbooking supplies cost and arm and a leg but instead of bashing the suppliers on YouTube and anywhere else, I just don't buy them. I know I'm ranting but I just don't get how cruel some people can be. Okay, okay I'm done with that.

Well, I'll try to end on a positive note. This week should be a busy week of crafting for me so I will try to get a bunch of projects done and post a bunch of pictures. I hope your 2011 is off to a wonderful start. I can't believe we're halfway through January! Happy Scrappin'! SB

Saturday, January 15, 2011

So Exciting!

Hey everybody! I have some very exciting new to share! So I follow Marion Smith pretty much religiously on her You Tube channel and I watch pretty much all of her videos on U Stream and she has created a very cool, very exclusive, scrapbooking kit club. I'm really pumped and I am trying to think of all the reasons under the sun to convince Josh to let me join...lol. But wait, he doesn't decide who joins and who doesn't...Marion does! So maybe I should be convincing her instead. Well, I was told to post my blog under her You Tube video comments so in case she would happen to pass through, omg my heart is beating faster at just the thought, here are a few of my reasons why I think I should be invited to join your group!

  1. I watch all of your videos on U Stream, in fact I was bummed when I heard you weren't going to be doing videos every Thursday.
  2. I have watched most of your You Tube videos and enjoy making the projects you have made. One of my favs I've made is the accordion box. Click HERE to check it out!
  3. I'm inspired not only by your creativity but your lifestyle. I too hope to one day have an organic garden and be a wonderful mother.
  4. Your kindness is contagious and I feel even though we've never met, that we are great friends and connected through our love of crafting.
Well Marion, I could go on and on but I think this will do. I hope you can feel the sincerity in my words and know that I'm not sucking up to you or anything. I truly admire you and hope we will all have fun in this journey!

To all of my followers, I've said it once and I'll say it again, thank you for making my blog a part of your life. It truly humbles me to know that there are people out there who appreciate my creativity :) Until we meet again, Happy Scrappin'! SB

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Prize and Other Stuff

Welcome to all of my new followers! I have been having a lot of fun seeing my followers grow from 9 to 23! Whoo-hoo!! Anyways, I said I would come up with a few more prizes and here they are!
I posted some pictures of some recipe boxes I made a few weeks ago and I got so many compliments on them I decided to give one away! I have three of them sitting in my room so it's time to give one a home. This box also comes with 6 recipe cards.

Sorry this little notebook isn't a giveaway but it turned out so cute I had to show you! This one is for a swap I am participating in on Swap-bot. I love it so much I was tempted to keep it but it's time to start using my stashed supplies and pass my creations on to good homes!

Here is the little notebook altered and another of the recipe boxes I made. I didn't mean for them to look like a set but they turned out looking that way! This recipe box I am going to keep and put all of my baking recipes in.

Well I guess I only posted one prize and two projects...lol. The last of the prizes will be some type of mini album I'm not sure how I will make it or what it will look like. I have a few other swaps to get ready for so we'll see what I come up with. I truly am thankful for all the people who have stopped by and left such nice comments. I used to think that only people who actually saw my blog were a very select few. I've been taking a closer look at my blog stats and it turns out that's not true. More people view my blog than I actually would have thought. Now if only I could get more of them to comment...lol. It's hard to plan the direction of where you want your blog to go when you don't even know what people think of it. So a great big thank you to those of my followers that take the time to let me know what they think and thank you for joining me on this journey. I can't wait to see where it takes us and hope to have tons of fun along the way!
Happy Scrappin'! SB

Friday, January 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Journal Swap

Here's is what I have been tonight! I have a love themed journal swap that needs to get sent out at the end of next week so I thought I'd upload a few pictures!

Here is the cover. I covered the journal with patterned paper and dry brushed white paint around the edges and all over the cover. I layered two fabric flowers and put a brad through the middle to hold them in place, then used hot glue to adhere onto the cover. The tag in the middle is chipboard as well as the letters in the lower right hand corner. The letters are my partner's initials. To finish it off I put some sparkled pink ribbon.

This is a close up of the fabric flower. Oh I forgot to mention that I also dry brushed white paint onto the flowers as well.

Here is the back cover. Okay I know what you're thinking, that is a really random place for that flower. Well here's what happened...the camera was having an EXTREMELY hard time deciding on what to focus on, the paint or the pattered paper so I had to give the camera something to focus on!

I'm looking forward to starting Valentine's Day projects in about two weeks. If you have an ideas or anything you want to see me try leave me a comment! I think that's all I have for tonight so until we meet again, Happy Scrappin'! SB

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prizes and Procrastinating

Well here they are! The pictures of the little prizes I made for our contest. Now remember, these are just the three little ones. I have two other ones that I will hopefully (wow I just realized I use that word a lot!) be done and posted by....well let's just say Sunday sometime. My brother has a wrestling tournament on Friday and Saturday and that will give me plenty to do while I wait for him to go. Anyways, check them out I had a lot of fun making them!

This mini couldn't have turned out any cuter!
I made it using paper bags and binder rings for the binding.

This comp book I actually covered with tissue paper! I've done this technique with tags and I decided to try it out on the book and it turned out awesome! Speaking of the tissue paper technique, at some point (don't hold your breath...lol!) I will post a video, or at least pictures, showing how I covered items with tissue paper. I've had a lot of questions so this will be a good way to get a start on video blogging!

This comp book has the color pink so of course I love it!

Okay, so the title of this post is prizes and procratinating, and I showed you the prizes so here is the procrastnaing portion of my day! Well, I was going to work on a few of my swaps for Swap-bot that I need to send out next week but then I published some comments about my tissue paper tags and well that was enough to get me side tracked! This tag is covered in pink tissue paper and the stamp in the corner is from Tim Holtz. I know it's hard to see but the brad holding the flower in place has an adorable butterfly on it. There's a little fiber on the bottom that has pink beads on it. Way cute!
So I will let this be my last post for a few days, just so I can get projects finished and then I'll do a bunch of blogging this weekend. Until then, Happy Scrappin'! SB

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let the Contest Begin!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first day of 2011! I know I was incredibly blessed in 2010 and I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for me. So, to get right to the point, who's ready to win some fun stuff?! Well I'm ready to give stuff away! All you have to do is follow my blog and if you're already a follower, ask (better yet, BEG) your friends to follow my blog. Here's how we're going to do this...I already have a list of who my first follower were and they all have their names in the drawing five times each. Any new followers will get their names entered in the drawing once. Once you are a follower, if you recommend my blog to anyone and they follow my blog, you will get your name put in the drawing two more times. So how am I going to know who recommended who? After you follow my blog, leave a comment under this post letting me know how you heard of my blog and/or who told you to stop by. The last day to participate in the contest will be January 31st. Okay now I know what you're all thinking...WHAT ABOUT THE PRIZES?!?!?! Well, there will be a total of 5 and so far I have 3 of them made. Two small altered comp books and a smaller Christmas mini. I think I know what the other two prizes will be...I will finish making them this week and then let you know what they are by the end of the week. I again apologize for no pictures...long story short, I'm visiting my husband and while I brought my computer, I didn't bring the power cord and his computer doesn't have a SD reader so pictures will be coming.

Before I stop writing for the night I just wanted to say why I'm having this contest. My goal is not to get the most followers on blogger or to have this enormous group of people following me like the paparazzi. I am simply reaching out to my fellow scrapper/crafters and offer a little creative inspiration (I hope) and to make some friends along the way. I have dreams of scrapbooking groups, UStream and YouTube videos, classes/workshops, kits and much, much more and I would like to share with all of you! Wow, that was pretty mushy but I ment every word :) So let's have some fun! Happy Scrappin'! SB