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Monday, January 4, 2010

Brian's and Kim's Scrapbook Finished

Ta da! I finished Brian and Kim's book of Michael just in time for Christmas! Take a look....

This is one of the first few pages of the book. While Brian and Kim were in Indiana picking up Michael, their neighbors decided to decorate their house and the nursery as a surprise for when the new family arrived home. The envelope in the lower left hand corner has a card in it that says 'Your Sweet Baby...Has Arrived'.
(This is one of my favorite pages in the book!)

This is a close up of the envelope in the upper right hand corner of the page. Inside are little tags with baby themed pictures on one side while the other side is blank. I decided to leave the tag blank so Brian and Kim could write their own thoughts and how they felt when they finally got to bring Michael home. I attached some chipboard tags to the cardstock tags with sewing thread so it would be easies to remove the tags from the envelope.

This is another set of pages I am especially proud of. I used my Cricut to cut the letters for 'Happy Birthday', using the George font. (As you can see, the y in happy mysteriously vanished, so to finish I took a yellow marker and drew a letter y) I also used my Cricut to create the balloons using Stretch Your Imagination.

This is the balloon card in the lower right hand corner of the first page. It actually opens up and I wrote a little happy birthday message for Mike.

This is a close up of a set of pages that read "Daddy and Me". Through out the book I also used a stencil to add journaling lines for Brian and Kim to add their own special touches their scrapbook.
Although I made this book for them, I thought it was very important to leave place for them to add their own perspective and thoughts to this book. It is THEIR book and I hope they have a lot of fun taking what I started and making it their own!
I really had a ton of fun doing this book for them and it was nice to hear so many compliments from my family about how great of a job I did. I have already been 'commissioned', so to speak, to do many more pages and books as Michael gets older. Can't wait for that!
Happy Scrapping!