This blog as been primarily created as a place for me to record and organize my scrapbooking thoughts and ideas. Hopefully, it will inspire other scrappers in their endevours! Have fun!

Friday, July 16, 2010

And I'm back!

So sorry I've been away so long! It's hard to get new things posted when I don't actually have the Internet at my house and it's been a busy spring/summer! So, I thought I would give a rundown of the thing I've been working on and some future projects and posts.

So I finished my dad's Hunting 2010 book in time to give it to him for Father's Day and it turned out really cool; he liked it a lot! I also made a photo box for my uncle for his birthday(I'll be kind and not say which birthday he celebrated!). For finished projects...that's about it...lol. I will post pictures and tutorials/layouts as soon as I get some more down time and an Internet connection.

I have quite a few projects in the making as of now. I am working on scrapbooking some of my favorite recipes, an anniversary album for my husband(which I know won't get done on time), and a calender for next year. I also have a TOP SECRET project that I'm working on and because this project is going to be what I consider, so far, the most special gift I've ever made, I am going to keep the details under wraps until the project is complete...sorry :(

I also have a ton of projects and ideas that I've been sketching out in my Inspiration Journal that I can't wait to try out. At some point I am hoping to have a card making party. We (not sure who we all includes at this point...lol) will be making cards for an organization who sends them overseas for the soldiers to send back home to their loved ones. Imagine trying to find a birthday card in the middle of nowhere? I forget the name of the organization that does this but as soon as I do the research and find more details I will post them.

As for me, I'm having a great summer so far. We've been able to spend lots of time with family and despite some ups and downs it's been great :) I look forward to getting more posts up soon and until then...Happy Scrappin'! SB