This blog as been primarily created as a place for me to record and organize my scrapbooking thoughts and ideas. Hopefully, it will inspire other scrappers in their endevours! Have fun!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Latest Project

Hey Everybody! Just thought I would give you a heads up on what I'm currently working on. A few weeks ago I received my very first commission! My Dad asked me to make him a 2009 Hunting Scrapbook and I am very excited about it! My mom, dad (yes DAD), and myself, went to Hobby Lobby to gather supplies. We found some very good deals and I think even my dad was getting into picking out supplies for his book. It was kind of funny when he asked me to do a subtotal before we headed up to the check out...well, it wasn't what he thought. I told him around $65 and I think he almost had a heart attack! I reminded my mom that everything I put into the cart was on sale while my dad was basically chucking items into the cart without regard to price. He later told me,"I thought I was going to throw $20 into this and call it a day!" He is too funny! A few days later he gave me two packets of pictures and I went to work. I have many of the photos sorted and cropped. I also have about 8 mostly completed pages. This will definitely be a labor of love and I am enjoying every step of the journey. As soon as I have some pages complete I will post some photos. Until then, Happy Scrappin'! SB