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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The latest

Well, here's the latest that's been happening in the Sanctuary! Still working on a bunch of mini albums, I completed one for m pastor's family as a thank you and one for myself :) I was a little out of commission all last week with a sinus infection but now I'm ready to get back to work. While I was sick my husband did not want me getting out of bed/off the couch so we compromised(him more than me...lol) and I sketched a bunch of layouts for various pages from the couch, so now that I'm feeling better I am able to start working on those.

One project that I have been a little bummed out about is my Operation DB. Every time I take it out to work on it I just end up starting at it...for some reason when it comes to this project, while I have the main idea I just can't seem to get it out of my brain and on paper. I guess time will only tell what happens but hopefully something will spark and I can get this project done (by November!).

On tomorrow's agenda is taking lots of pictures of the minis and layouts I have been creating and if I'm feeling REALLY ambitious I'll clean up my scrap room and take pics of how the remodeling turned out. Not everything is done like I would have hoped but it has been fully functional for the last few months and I have to keep telling myself that's the important part. The rest of the decorating will still be in works for a little while but what can ya do?!

Another aspect of my blogging that I am still developing is recording videos. Most of the ideas that I get I find on You Tube and various other websites so I when I do get around to recording more I most likely post videos talking about the project that I have made rather than tutorials. One of my role models is Laura from Following The Paper Trail here on blogspot. She is so creative and posts so many videos OF HER OWN CREATIONS consistently and I recently found out that she has only been blogging and doing her videos for about a year. Now I highly recommend that if you are into scrapbooking especially minis you check her out...she is AMAZING! I thought she'd been doing this a lot longer. So my goal is to post more frequently with pictures and videos....wish me luck!

As a side note, I realize that at about this point most of my followers(all 3 of them :) are my family members, however, please feel free to link my blog or pass on a link to others in the scrapping/crafting world and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments about really anything from suggestions of what you would like to see me do, likes and dislikes, is my blog easy to use or anything I should add or delete...all of this is very helpful to me as I seek to grow and develop in my blogging journey. Okay enough of that until I post again...Happy Scrappin' SB

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  1. Yay! Another post. I'm going to back you up on that more posting and video goal you have. It's always fun to see photos and info on your hobby. Lots of good close up photos are great. Video would certainly be fun to watch, too.