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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Out With the Old Mini

Hello Scrappers! Here is a mini album I made a little while ago for a "Out with the old in with the new" themed swap over on Swap-bot. I started making the actual album around Christmas break and when I joined this swap I knew it would be perfect. As it turns out it was. The person I sent it to loved it and had the perfect use for it! I got the idea/pattern from Laura at Following the Paper Trail. She showed us how to make it during a New Years Eve show she did. Click HERE to see it over on USTREAM. The whole tutorial is in two parts and I will warn you that we were having a New Year's Eve party during this show so she does do quite a bit of talking and it does take a little while to get through the whole album. Oh yeah, and when you are watching you'll notice she gives a little shout out to 'Flutterflies22'...um that was me! I asked a question in the chat thinking someone in the chat would answer me but Laura answered me! I was so pumped, she's like my greatest inspiration :) Anyways, enough of that check out my mini!

I made the covers of the mini with regular chipboard and covered with plain black cardstock. It's a little hard to see but there is a shimmer to it and that is from some glimmer mist. I made the title by painting some wooden letters. I bound this book with my Cinch. It was the very first project I made with my Cinch! Then there is just a bunch of sheer ribbons tied on the binding.

Here is the inside of the book. Sorry I didn't rotate this picture, I forgot but the pink and green side has a pocket where the tag is stuck into but the pink square flops out and that is a matchbook style pocket. The yellow and purple side actually has two pockets; the one the tags are in and then there's one more below.
For the tags I covered regular shipping tags with paper and looped the same ribbon I used on the binding through the whole.

This is another of the larger pockets.

Another of the larger pockets and little pockets :)

I highly recommend checking out Laura's blog, her USTREAM, and YouTube channel. This mini was really easy to make and I hope to make another! Until then, Happy Scrappin'! SB


  1. Oh!! your mini albums are adorable. I have been scrapbooking for a couple of years now. I have been meaning to do a mini for quite sometime now....but have been distracted with other projects. I have started following your blog to get inspirations. Its sure a great place to peep-in.

    Cheers! (Chinnu from SB)

  2. This is so cute! I really love the ribbons on the binding, and the tags are pretty fun too.
    Amy528 from swapbot