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Monday, January 17, 2011

January Journal Update

Well, we're about halfway through January and that means I should be halfway through my January Journal, right? Well I have to admit not exactly and at the same time pretty much...that makes sense right? Well, here's how I'm trying to stay up to date on my journal. I will confess I don't work on the actual book everyday. I try to take pictures everyday and at the end of the day I take those pictures in a folder on my computer that is label with each day in January. About every 4 or 5 days I got to Target and print off my pictures from the past few days. Some of the other things that I put into my journal are my blog posts and Faecebook statuses. If I go out to eat, go shopping, or anything like that I keep any receipts or menus to put in my book. So how far am I exactly? About day 6 or 7 as far as fully completed pages. I think the next time Doreen and I scrap together I will work on my journal to get a little more caught up. I think the key, for me, is to work on it when I have a chunk of work to do. I know it would probably be easier to stay caught up by working on it a little at a time but I just can't justifly in my mind only taking out a few things at a time and working on just a few pages at a time. When I craft I like to take out ALL of my supplies, weather I need them or not (lol!), and make a great big crafting mess! Just the way my creativity works I guess! Sometimes I'll see tips for quick scrapbooking and they'll say to only use 5 supplies and right away my brain thinks, WAIT WHAT? Maybe that's will have to be a challenge I have to work on....or better yet, a monthly blog challenge?! I swear I thought of that just now...lol!

One other thing before I go. Remember how I was so excited about Marion's kit club she was going to have? Well, cutting out most of the drama, the group still exsists on Facebook (click HERE to check it out) but it's not exclusive and she's still having the kits but this really isn't a club anymore. Now you might be thinking, why. Well I'll tell you why and if you can pick up on the passion and feeling behind my voice, good. Marion is one of the most sweetest people in the crafting industry and a few people decided to complain about the way SHE was running HER club and because she is so sweet, decided to change her vision to accommodate those few. THEN, someone had the audacity to make a YouTube video trashing her. Now I never got to see the video because this person took it down before I got a chance. I imagine it was because Marion's true followers came to her rescue and I only regret I hadn't seen it sooner and been given that chance. We all need to remember that there are things in this crafting community and in this world that we don't agree with and that's okay. What is not okay is to take those frustrations oppositions out in an unhealthy and down right mean way. I don't like that some of the cutest scrapbooking supplies cost and arm and a leg but instead of bashing the suppliers on YouTube and anywhere else, I just don't buy them. I know I'm ranting but I just don't get how cruel some people can be. Okay, okay I'm done with that.

Well, I'll try to end on a positive note. This week should be a busy week of crafting for me so I will try to get a bunch of projects done and post a bunch of pictures. I hope your 2011 is off to a wonderful start. I can't believe we're halfway through January! Happy Scrappin'! SB

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