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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prizes and Procrastinating

Well here they are! The pictures of the little prizes I made for our contest. Now remember, these are just the three little ones. I have two other ones that I will hopefully (wow I just realized I use that word a lot!) be done and posted by....well let's just say Sunday sometime. My brother has a wrestling tournament on Friday and Saturday and that will give me plenty to do while I wait for him to go. Anyways, check them out I had a lot of fun making them!

This mini couldn't have turned out any cuter!
I made it using paper bags and binder rings for the binding.

This comp book I actually covered with tissue paper! I've done this technique with tags and I decided to try it out on the book and it turned out awesome! Speaking of the tissue paper technique, at some point (don't hold your breath...lol!) I will post a video, or at least pictures, showing how I covered items with tissue paper. I've had a lot of questions so this will be a good way to get a start on video blogging!

This comp book has the color pink so of course I love it!

Okay, so the title of this post is prizes and procratinating, and I showed you the prizes so here is the procrastnaing portion of my day! Well, I was going to work on a few of my swaps for Swap-bot that I need to send out next week but then I published some comments about my tissue paper tags and well that was enough to get me side tracked! This tag is covered in pink tissue paper and the stamp in the corner is from Tim Holtz. I know it's hard to see but the brad holding the flower in place has an adorable butterfly on it. There's a little fiber on the bottom that has pink beads on it. Way cute!
So I will let this be my last post for a few days, just so I can get projects finished and then I'll do a bunch of blogging this weekend. Until then, Happy Scrappin'! SB


  1. Squee! I love these little books. They're too cute. Good job!

    --melydia from swap-bot

  2. Adorable books ! I look forward to following your journey ! I have been trying to create scrapbooks for a while and they have been giving me some trouble! Perhaps I can learn some trade secrets from you! Happy New Year!

  3. Those books are aborable. I need to start making minis again. I really want to try my hand at paper bag albums. Something else one my list. :)


  4. I love making altered books, so seeing this entry reminded me that I need to do some more books. These books that you made look like a gift anyone would love. Great job. -Hollychihuahua on Swap-Bot

  5. really cool blog, loved reading it,.now following you too.,.,.,love from glendas from swap bot,.