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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've Been Busy...

...as a little bee! I have 3 of the prizes for the January contest made!!! I have two mini altered comp books and a mini album! I am super pumped with the mini album because I got to use my BRAND new Cinch. I am loving it, so far I have used it on two projects and it is fairly easy to use. The only thing I'm having a slight issue with is the oil. I've heard that some of the first ones that were released were having issues with excess oil but I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is excessive or normal. All I can say is I'm not happy about the extra oil getting on some of my projects. Despite wiping it off right away there is sometimes still a residue left on the paper. I'll head over to Google and see if there are any quick tips for getting rid of that oil. Anyways...My January Journal is also coming along beautifully. Right now I am working on the layout of the pages. I cut 3 pieces of paper that fit together on each page. It's taking a bit of time, and TONS of adhesive might I add, but hopefully I will get it done or mostly done in the next day or so because pretty soon it will be time to start writing! I really don't want to get behind...like I've said before I really want this project to be successful so I have the motivation to keep going. If January goes well I think the plan is to maybe keep it going on through out the year; an album every month about what life brings my way that month. Now the hard part is going to be keeping my album interesting. Doreen brought that up the other day on her blog. I told her the two of us will just have to think of some interesting things to do together! So anyways, what started as a little update on my productivity and the prizes I made and it turned into a tangent on this and that. Well, I guess the only logic thing to do is to go to bed!
Happy Scrappin'! SB

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    Coleen in Ukraine
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