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Monday, September 20, 2010

Stamp Image Swap with Doreen

Hello Scrappers! Here are the images I promised from the stamped image swap I did with Doreen last week. If we knew the maker of the stamps I wrote them on the cards I stamped on. If you have any questions about any of the images let me know!

Okay, so I've never been one to follow or keep up with trends. I avoided watching the Twilight movies, even though I heard they were good, because I refused to give into the fad. Well, long story short, my husband made me watch the movies one night. My point? Owls are the news, hottest trend in scrapbooking and as with Twilight, I refused to give in...until this swap. I had bought Doreen a set of owl stamps and well...I couldn't fight it anymore, I stamped some images for my collection. I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for but I guess we'll see!

I thought these stamps were adorable! The ones with the writing say 'between us chicks' and 'a little bird told me'. Again, not really my style but I can't wait to find a use for these.

I'm so glad I got this cute little angel. How cute! It has a vintage feel to it...it really reminds me of something out of the Renaissance era. Not sure if that's really right but that's what it reminds me of!

The stamps are really cute too. The smaller ones are the perfect size to make inchies. Oh new to inchies? Don't worry, me too (I had to google it...lol). They are just that, an inch in size. They are usually used as embellishments or just used in a larger layout...I think...lol. I also like the words that I stamped because to be honest I'm a pretty lazy scrapper and anything to make my life a little easier!

I liked these stamps when I got them from Doreen but for me I can relate a little more after the week I've had!

Thanks for stoppin' by the Sanctuary! Happy Scrappin'! SB

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